Detroit once was an engine of growth for the entire country; essential to American mobility. The American auto industry, coupled with the development of the interstate highway system and the birth of the do-it-yourself moving industry created by U-Haul, helped fuel the American dream…making it possible for Americans to move to a better way of life.

In the United States and Canada, mobility is a need.

The option to continue to be mobile is something a community cannot live without. Studies have shown that without mobility, communities spiral down into decay.

Today, Detroit is fighting blight and flight. With the collapse of two-thirds of the auto industry and jobs lost, people and businesses have moved out and away from Detroit. Once prosperous and beautiful neighborhoods now look like deserted battle zones. More than one third of the residences in Detroit are vacant, abandoned, often dilapidated…and vacant commercial properties are in disrepair.

The Right Thing to Do

Detroit has built the cars that customers have used to tow our trailers since 1945. It is only appropriate that U-Haul step up. So, while other businesses leave, U-Haul will not abandon Detroit; currently, 315 U-Haul centers and neighborhood dealerships in the Detroit metro area provide needed jobs, goods and services to the community.

However, we’re not satisfied with standing pat. We want to do more. We want to give back to this great city by expanding and investing in it…reutilizing and revitalizing existing facilities and resources in the process. Our goal is to help the city reestablish vibrant communities, where people can live close to businesses providing needed goods and services. We think it’s the right thing to do.