Corporate citizenship is U-Haul Company’s commitment to being accountable to the communities in which we live and serve. With nearly 1,100 self-storage facilities conveniently located in North American communities, the U-Haul storage-sharing strategy is an innovative solution to shared-living communities. Through careful planning and shared-use of storage space in these communities instead of their own houses, residents are able to live comfortably in a more compact area, utilizing common services which create substantially reduced living expenses. Shared use of U-Haul self-storage facilities also helps reduce construction of over-sized residential and commercial buildings, saving tons of concrete and building materials, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation.

Sustainable Self-Storage™ is one of our innovative solutions which reuses detached van bodies from used U-Haul trucks as self-storage units. The initiative significantly reduces use of energy and materials such as concrete and steel. Our research shows that every 1,000 square feet of reused storage unit space eliminate 17.3 tons of carbon emissions.

U-Haul Storage Re-Use Centers™ in every U-Haul storage facility have been developed to provide a redistribution network for gently used household goods, materials, furniture, sporting equipment, bikes, and clothing that were formerly destined for landfills.

These storage-sharing initiatives are serving the needs of people of varying incomes, not only in providing tangible shared facilities but also by building a sense of community and a feeling of support and respect.