U-Haul always strives to identify convenient and accessible rental locations for local residents through our neighborhood center and dealership placement strategy. The average travel distance between U-Haul Moving & Storage of Detroit and our local customers is only about 3 miles. We are also presently working to add dealers with small fleets of trucks to the local communities, in an effort to shorten the one-way travel distance to only 1 mile.

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Detroit will be the only store offering truck rental, storage units, and other moving services in the New Center area. The closest alternative U-Haul location is in Van Dyke, which is 9 miles away.

Based on the operation data from the other U-Haul stores in Detroit, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Detroit can serve approximately 13,000 local residents. This equates to almost one of every ten households in the community renting a U-Haul truck at least once every year. On average, 300 local residents shared use of each U-Haul truck last year. The center helped New Center residents avoid traveling to Van Dyke to pickup trucks, reducing the average travel distance (one way) by six miles. This six miles is non-productive travel and leads to a net increase of GHG emissions. In other words, the center helped eliminate carbon emissions in both the New Center and Van Dyke neighborhood areas by 446 tons annually and 2,229 tons over a nominal five year period.