New Center is a prominent commercial and residential historic district located 3 miles north of the Detroit River, immediately north of the Wayne State University campus. The heart of the New Center was developed in the 1920s as a business hub that would offer convenient access to both downtown resources and outlying factories. U-Haul Building is right in the center of this neighborhood.

After decades of decline, downtown Detroit is undergoing a broad redevelopment. Those who spent time in the city will learn that there are a dozen or more attractive neighborhoods that either never fell into decline or are gradually being renovated. They are the future of Detroit! We believe city-led efforts should focus on the rehabilitation of these Detroit’s inner-city neighborhoods. Together with other members of New Center Council, U-Haul is a pioneer in addressing the needs and assets of current residents.

As an alternative to our ever-increasing throw-away society, the adaptive reuse initiative of U-Haul Company in New Center offers a sustainable building site with existing infrastructure and materials. Based on a conservative estimation, rehabilitate existing building at U-Haul Moving & Storage of Detroit avoids nearly 600 tons of carbon emissions from production of tons of steel and concrete and energy required for new construction. The opportunity to reuse obsolete facilities in the urban core also supports sustainability and smart growth initiatives designed to focus redevelopment in inner cities in an effort to decrease urban sprawl. The U-Haul practice is totally consistent to the Detroit transformation strategy by rethinking urban policy.